Little Giant 5-MSP Submersible Utility Pump Review

The Little Giant 5-MSP Submersible Utility Pump is a standby for me both in my business as a plumbing contractor and at home. This little workhorse of a utility sump pump will take care of almost any job quietly, quickly, and efficiently.

There is a removable inlet screen that makes the pump easy to keep clean- great for when I’m training a new apprentice! The sealed oil unit means I never have to replace the oil. I also like the 25 foot power cord, because it makes it much easier to use without using an extension cord.

I don’t like to use extension cords for safety reasons, though of course, there are times when you just can’t get around it. This awesome little pump also features an epoxy-coated, cast aluminum housing, which means it won’t corrode with regular use.  The Little Giant 5-MSP Submersible Utility Pump is meant to be used for continuous duty. That is another reason I like this pump.

I use this submersible water pump in my well to pump water to the house. I have another one that I use to pump water from my hot tub, so I can keep it clean. I also use it to pump water from my creek into my pond when it gets low in the summer. This keeps my fishing pleasant and productive, and gives my wife’s ducks the water they need, too.

I also like the fact that this pump comes with a garden hose adapter, so it’s easy for anyone to use, even my wife, when she wants to clean out the hot tub herself. The only real problem: Sometimes the inlet screen will get stopped up with debris if there are leaves or other things in the mess I’m pumping out.

I just unplug the pump, lift it out, remove and clean the screen and it’s ready to go again. If I’m pumping out large scales, or sometimes when I’m pumping water from the creek, it can be a little bit frustrating to have to stop and clean out the screen.


  • Easy to use
  • Heavy-duty construction, meant for continuous use, either at home or work
  • Never needs oil
  • Inlet screen is easily removable to keep the pump clean
  • Works beautifully in almost any situation- plumbing, garden fountains, water pipe breaks. Extremely versatile!


  • Inlet screen sometimes gets stopped up. Easily fixed.
  • Occasionally have to use it with an extension cord for plumbing jobs.

I even use the Little Giant 5-MSP Submersible Water Pump to pump the water out of large scales at junkyards and at concrete/aggregate companies when they need re-calibrating, without worry of any debris ruining the pump, because it never needs oil and the inlet screen protects the motor from getting gummed up or locked up with debris or dirt.

I’ve used this submersible water pump successfully at home and at work for years, and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make their home or their business a better place.

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