M-53 Zoeller Mighty Mate Sump Pump Review

M-53 Zoeller Mighty Mate Sump Pump I’ve owned the M-53 ZOELLER Mighty Mate Sump Pump for a good 10 or 11 years now. The area I live in is quite prone to floods – even if it’s not a major one – at least a couple of times per year. Needless to say my basement was receiving the brunt of the damage and it wasn’t quite the indoor swimming pool I’ve always dreamed of! Now, I actually wanted my basement to be a somewhat usable area so I knew that I needed a submersible sump pump as opposed to a pedestal one. After some extensive research, I settled on the ZOELLER M-53. Most professionals choose to install a Zoeller into their client’s homes so I figured they must know something.

On the whole, I’ve been mightily impressed with the pump’s performance. It’s insanely quiet, much quieter than I anticipated. I know some of the pedestal pumps can be quite unbearable when it comes to noise but this one goes completely unnoticed. On the whole, the pump looks and feels of good quality with it’s stainless steel guard and handle. And ultimately, it works! It’s done a great job of keeping my basement dry – as I say – for the last 10 or 11 years so I can’t fault it there. There have been a few hiccups which I’ll get to but overall, it does exactly what it’s designed to do.

The main thing about the ZOELLER M-53 that appeals to me – and I think it should to anyone considering a sump pump – is that the product in general is a tried and true design. Pretty much the exact same design has been being manufactured for the last 20+ years. If that doesn’t scream quality, then I don’t know what does.

I also like the fact it has a back up battery, should the main power supply fail for any reason. This could happen for any number of legitimate reasons. As far as I know, the battery on mine has never needed to kick in for the entire time I’ve owned it, although I possibly wouldn’t know if it had! It’s just nice to know there’s that backup.

The only real problem I’ve had and I’ve read of a few other people having a similar situation, is that the “built in switch” isn’t of the best quality. In the entire time that I’ve owned the pump I’ve been through 2 of these switches. Yes, that’s not great but I don’t think it should but you off. They’re about $30 to replace and at the end of the day, something like this will require maintenance. Frankly, that’s all that I’ve had to repair on it and it’s easy and cheap enough to do.

Here’s a brief summary of the ZOELLER M-53 overall:


  • Extremely quiet
  • It has a back up battery
  • It’s a tried and true design that’s been working for years


  • Not the best quality switch
  • It also has a plastic base as opposed to a steel one. Not a big issue but steel would be better.

As you can see, it’s pretty hard for me to fault the ZOELLER M-53. As I say, the only problem I’ve had in over 10 years of continuously using it is with the switch, and I think it would be wrong of me to hold that against what is, on the whole, a fantastic pump. If you need a sump pump, this is what you want.

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