Submersible Sump Pumps – When You Should Use Them

Submersible Sump Pumps - When You Should Use ThemThe saying is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the same principle can be applied to the threat of basement flooding. Houses situated at the base of hills and on flat terrain are commonly susceptible to basement flooding. On flat terrain, melted snow and rain has nowhere to flow except into the soil which causes ground saturation. This increases the pressure exerted on the structure’s foundation resulting in cracks through which water enters and causes the basement to flood.

The most effective protection against flooding in the basement is the installation of a submersible type sump pump. Because most water enters the basement at the lowest point, submersible pumps can start working on water removal before the basement floor even becomes wet. Submersible pumps are placed below the level of the basement floor and can therefore detect water seepage at the earliest possible opportunity.

There are basically two styles basement sump pumps available for purchase:

  • Pedestal Style Sump Pump

This type stands above the water line with the motor elevated because it is not designed for exposure to water. The pump is activated by the floater which signals the power to be turned on once the water attains a certain level. The pump removes water from the basement once powered on. Although less expensive than the submersible type, the pedestal pumps are considered to be noisy in comparison.

  • Submersible Style Sump Pump

This kind of pump is placed below the floor level and operates underwater in the event of water accumulation. The activation function is essentially the same as the pedestal with a floater sensor. This type is the most popular and widely used because of its quiet operation and safety features. The motor is more securely sealed and protected by a cover for the pump which keeps out debris and dirt.

Pump Maintenance

Sump pumps, like any other home appliance, require routine maintenance. The necessity of a properly operating pump is such that many people opt to pay for professional service to maintain or repair the submersible style sump pump. Failure to regularly examine and check the operation of the pump can result in disaster should heavy rains catch the homeowner off guard. The worst time to repair a sump pump is at the moment it is needed. These submersible style sump pumps usually come with instruction manuals suggesting ways to care for the pump and keep the security of your basement at peak level.

Because it is such an important piece of equipment, most people hire professional contractors to ensure the proper function of the submersible style pump. The majority find the peace of mind a professional’s attention provides worth the additional cost. However, not all pump maintenance requires a professional level of expertise or even much mechanical inclination. Annual cleanings are easy for the layman to perform and the pump should be visibly examined, especially when harsh weather is forecasted, to be sure there is no debris or blockages that may hinder performance. The pump should be manually turned on to test it periodically.

Choosing to invest in the installation of a submersible style sump pump can prove a smart decision in the face of costly water damage basements can sustain without one.