Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Sump Pump Maintenance TipsThe safety a home and family is greatly enhanced by the presence of a basement sump pump. Protection against flood damage secures the structural integrity of the foundation and the possibility of the basement flooding is virtually eliminated. It is a very important element of home maintenance and security.
The pump also is of benefit by preventing the accumulation of water and the possibility of mildew and mold forming which is a health hazard. A backup pump system is needed in the event of a power outage. It’s presence will also allow for maintenance to be performed for the main pump.

No homeowner is a stranger to routine maintenance to home appliances and the pump is not exempt from it. Having a backup pump makes it easier to perform pump maintenance without worrying about the time it takes to effect repairs.
Although routine maintenance is required for all sump pumps, the frequency with which it should occur depends on the model. Every new pump comes with an owner’s manual which should be consulted for maintenance guidelines. Most recommendations are between two and four months. Generally, most pumps call for maintenance every 4 months.

Routine maintenance should include a flushing of the pump with a water and vinegar solution which removes particles and residue from the pump. This will ensure more smoothly running for the pump, too. All maintenance tasks that need to be performed for routine pump maintenance can be performed by the homeowner unless there has been a problem with the pump’s performance. In that case, a professional should be used to check the pump and fix any problems.

The basin and pump should be filled during the maintenance in order to check for proper operation. The outside draining should be inspected as well. Make sure the pump’s float is freely hanging and not restricted by anything. A float that is not freely situated will result in a flooded basement because the pump won’t be triggered to begin pumping. Air holes and vents should be cleaned during maintenance. The backup pump should also be routinely maintained including changing the battery.