Using a Pedestal Sump Pump – Pros and Cons

Using a Pedestal Sump Pump - Pros and ConsA basement sump pump is made to pump water from the basement in which water has accumulated. The pedestal style sump pump design places it above the basement water line. When water accumulates to a certain level, the sensor within the pump automatically turns the power on and the pump starts to remove water to outside of the structure. Sump pumps are necessary to prevent flooding and water damage to both the contents and structure of the basement. There are two basic kinds of pumps: submersible and pedestal. They serve the same function but have different designs.

While it prevents flooding, the basement sump pump protects the home and occupants from the health hazards that can result from collected moisture breeding bacteria and mold. Additionally, by preventing water from accumulating and sitting, the pedestal style sump pump helps to protect the structural integrity of the foundation by making it possible to avoid cracks which can be caused by the water. Sitting water can also damage important belongings which are stored in the basement as well as appliances such as washers, dryers, furnaces and hot water heaters.

A drawback of the pedestal style pump is that it makes more noise than the pump designed for submersion which makes it the least popular between the two types. However, if the noise of the pedestal style is not a deterrent, the homeowner will benefit from the comparatively lower price than that of the submersible pump. Many people find the more cost effective model to be a better investment because of its frequent use and are therefore motivated to purchase it more often.

An additional benefit that the pedestal style pump has over the submersible pump is its ease of maintenance. Standing above the established water line makes it easier to affect maintenance and repairs to the pedestal style pump. The submersible pump is less accessible and consumes more time and energy to fix when in need of repair and to maintain. Routine maintenance is required to ensure proper operation of either style of pump so this may be a major consideration when making the purchase decision.

The cost and ease of maintenance and repair of the pedestal pump can be a major consideration when shopping through available sump pump models. Regardless of the type preferred, the sump pump installation in the home is essential for the safety of the people residing in the structure and the security of the home.